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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Malaysia Boleh, You Boleh Ke?

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

First of all, let me wish to my beloved country, Happy Independence Day! What do I mean by my beloved “country”? You will know later. :-)

Where ever I go, I often hear people say that "Malaysia Boleh!" but, I also hear people saying "Malaysia boleh? Apa boleh?" Therefore, I hope that those people who really look down at the potential of their own country in such a negative perspective will realize that indirectly they are criticizing themselves as well! Try to think, what is Malaysia? Who is Malaysia? It’s all I, you, we, they... It’s all about us!

Some people often loves to compare our country with other developed countries and finally conclude that Malaysian mentality is bad la, that la, this la. As a normal civilian, what I hope is that every Malaysian should try to improve the patriotism and performance of themselves and the people surrounding them. That’s all. If every one can successfully do develop the people around them to produce great performance in business and indirectly increase their patriotism then, the negative thoughts in the public will automatically disappear.

So, please realize that it’s all on your hands.
If you boleh, Malaysia sure boleh!

After this if anyone say "Malaysia boleh? Apa boleh?", ask him back "You boleh ke? Apa boleh?" .


Aereon said...

I totally agreed with you...
many people just dont get it..
but it'll be our duty to let them realise it..
Kita Boleh!
Malaysia Boleh!
MiSy Boleh!

ps : i have to register an account in order to post a comment here.. ^^

Mohamed Ihsan said...

Dude, you registered an account just to reply this....

Now I think, Malaysia really Boleh!