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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Any other better blogsites?

I've solved this problem.

Recently after such a long time, I was chatting with my ex-classmate Mr. Wong Seng Yue who is currently studying in Monash Malaysia.

Somehow, we came to the topic of blogging and I told him about my this site.

After a while, he was back on MSN and told me that he had just created an account just for the sake of replying my posts here. Then only I noticed that this BlogSpot requires users to sing-in using their BlogSpot username and password.

This is quire irritating because I feel like talking to a wall. There were few replies only, which means that it defeats the purpose of me having a blog.

I wanted to highlight to people about certain things and get their point of view regarding those things.

So, now I'm looking for some other better blogging site that supports anonymous replies.

So, anyone anyidea? Thank you.

(May be you can consider to getting an Blogspot ID just reply this post as a last reply here, please.)


Mohamed Ihsan said...

Okay guys, now it has been settled.

Thank God, finally I've solved the problem.

So, now you don't have to be a Blogspot member to reply my posts.

Last time, I was talking to a door.
Now, to a window. Hehehe

cincauhangus said...

wordpress.com :P or get ur own domain and set up a CMS there. :P

phpnet.us :P

Aereon said...

thx ihsan for the trouble caused by me =p
didnt thought u got that far..
so u cr8ed another blog already?
or is this still active?

Mohamed Ihsan said...

cincauhangus: Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Aereon: Hahaha, actually it is a problem caused by me which you have noticed. About the new blog, I'm slowly developing it while testing the features. But, I think that Beta Blogger is more interesting.

Anonymous said...

hi bro.... u made me to be blog friendly