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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Is Palm OS dying...?

(Image from Palm Treo 750v's Official Website)

I've been a great fan of Palm OS for the past five years. I successfully bought my first Palm PDA, m100 in 2001 when I was in form 2. It was a great discovery for me at that time because I don't have any close friends, relatives or contacts using PDAs at that time. Controlling TV/VCR using PDA, keeping contact details and retrieve them within seconds, reading e-Books and playing games on board was nice excitement.

After two years, in 2003, my father bought a Palm Tungsten T as a reward for my achievement in PMR examination. Since then, I spent most of my time using Tungsten. Obviously, same as other Palm users I also wanted to keep my self updated with the latest Palmtop, but I decided to take a break because there is no concrete reason for me to use a Palmtop.

Anyway, I still keep my self updated with the usual Tech News by reading In-Tech and Computimes. Recently a shocking news gave me an earthquake, for the first time in the history of PDAs, Palm launched a PDA running Microsoft's Windows Mobile. But, I wonder why on earth Palm need to use Microsoft's OS....? May be due to the demand, I think... :(

Well, I hope that they will use Windows Mobile for Treo series only. Who knows, may be they use Windows Mobile OS for Treo because it gives greater support for SmartPhones...?

Btw, I've some links here for those who are interested on PDAs.
Malaysian PalmX Group (Full of HOW-TOs)
My PDA Cafe (Including Pocket PC and Symbian User Groups)
The Independent Malaysia's Symbian Usergroup

Long live Palm!
Oops, I mean long live Palm OS

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