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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


FYI, my father had been called by Allah, on 23rd April 2007 at 1230hrs in CRW, HKL. Al-fatihah

For those who wants to contribute an Al-Fatihah, my father's full name is Saiyed Abu Thahir Bin Mohamed Shariff.
His mother's name is Mariam Ammal

My sister and father

It has been a very long time since I updated this site it was about 3 months ago. Within the last few months, there were lost of ups and downs in my life. In fact, it was a direct lesson from Allah to my mom and me. My father passed away in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

He was admitted for more than two months in the General Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. The initial problem that he had was too much of diarrhea due to a quite rare disease called Ulcerative Colitis. On the 6th day in HKL (20th Feb 2007), co-incidentally he had stroke (blod clot in his right brain) which paralyzed his left hand and leg. At the moment of the storke attack, he also faced problems in breathing. Therefore, he was admitted in ICU twice.

However, I'm very unsatisfied because he had successfully recovered and finally was in a very critical stage due to a bacteria infection called Pneumonia. Based on my own research and interview with some of the top specialists in HKL, they claim that the factor to this problem was the long-term stay in hospital or liquid/food bits went into the lungs. (due to some openings in larynx). Finally what really had at the last minute (around 1145hrs), he heart stopped and the doctors tried to restart the heart by doing CPR more than the normal procedural timeout, they tried for nearly 25 minutes. I feel extremely sad because I wasn't be able to be with him at the moment, the doctors and nurses in CRW doesn't let me enter the ward.

Then, we brought him to our house and kept him until the next day. On 24th April 2007, around 1100hrs, we started to bathed him and prepare him for burrial.

Alhamdulillah, we managed to successfully leave him in peace at the Cheras Baru Muslim cemetery around 1230pm on 24th April 2007.

However, my confidence exceeds my sadness because my father had brought me up in such a positive way.
I'm very extremely proud of him.

He was a GREAT familyman.
He was a GREAT father.
He was a GREAT businessman.
He was a GREAT friend.

I really respect him.

May Allah bless my father.

Please feel free to contribute an Al-Fatihah for my fathers peace in the eternity life.

If you know my father, please forgive him if he had ever accidentally insulted you in anyways.

Btw, I would like to say thanks to:
1. All my relative/family friends/shop staffs for helping and guiding me to manage the funeral as well as gave me motivations.
2. Dr. Thomas, Dr. Ganesh, Dr. Thien, Dr. Melvin Raj, Dr. Kanmani, Dr. Sabihin and some of the ICU & CRW specialist for trying their best.
3. The sister (Chin Au Siang) and nurses of the ward 26, HKL.
4. The Imam of Nurul-Hidayah mosque.



Robert Foo said...

With Deepest Sympathy.
I had lost a good friend and you had lost a great father.
However his memories would always remain.

Michael Ngoi said...

Hey ya.. sorry to hear about your dad... my sincerest condolences... i hope you are feeling better.. hes in a better place now.. Take care and God Bless.

babedevil said...

hey, i just heard...so sorry for your loss. no wonder i haven't been seeing u around college lately...take care of yourself ya...

Anonymous said...

AL-FATHIHAH from zuryati akka and family.

sharifah mariam said...

i miss you..i miss the feeling of having a brother..i miss the feeling to know that someone cares for me deeply..i miss you brother.i know you're far gone.i know you won't be able to read this.but,atleast it would make me feel better.i'll meet you in Jannah soon.I miss you both.I miss him too.I miss you both so much.So much...no one will understand how much i miss you both but Allah.as long as i have Him (which is forever)I'll be fine :)