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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

50 years of improvements? Yes!

Yahoo! Its my country's 50th independence day!

Well, its one of humans' natural behavior to always give negative comments rather than focusing on the positive side of a matter. However, this is due to the will that always says, everything must be excellent! All of us wants to be perfect, even though we can't we can at least get nearer to perfection!

I'm very proud of my country and always looking forward for further developments of my beloved country.

I'm very amazed by two of the semi-government agencies that I've visited recently. The first is the Companies Commision of Malaysia (SSM) I was very impressed by their online interactive system at http://www.ssm.com.my/en/services_eLodgement.php which reflects a good and a bit of practical usage of IT infrastructures to communicate with the public. However, their crowd management concepts still requires lots of improvements to avoid people spending half of their day to get things done.

Secondly, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) really has a very efficient way of handling 'big' crowds. Arming themselves with a VERY informative website, I would say it's one of the BEST government agency website.

I understand that there are lots of negatives comments are there in everyone's mind same like what I've expressed about the crowd management at SSM. However, I feel that at certain point it's also important for us to stop and look behind to realise that we do have improvements compared to previous years while NOT FORGETTING that there are countries which is far away ahead then us and indirectly might be a threat for us too.

Therefore, the thruth is over the years we've gone through LOTS of developments and it's extremely important for all of us a citizen of this wonderful multi-racial country to constantly remind ourselves that we can contribute to every success of our country.

If everyone does their duty properly there will be more improvements!
No matter whoever you are, be good in it. Be a good student, father, businessman, employee...etc

Happy 50th Indipendence Day!

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