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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No cannot! That’s Impossible!

Inventors always have one problem. It is the people surrounding them. The first time, Wright brothers said they wanted to fly in the sky, people said they were fools! But, come on! They did it!

It's a norm for inventors to always receive objections until they are bored with it and sometimes don't care if people around them says that they are really crazy! :P But the problem is, people rarely understand that it's not always difficult to break the rules!

On the other side, what happens if the surrounding people responds positively? When someone says something extraordinary which others might have never thought of, never say "no cannot! That's impossible!". Specially when young minds says that. If you realize, indirectly you can be the first motivator for an inventor to realize a brilliant idea!

Anyhow, the inventor should not be de-motivated when someone objects their ideas but for young minds like kids or youngsters, it might take a longer time for them to build and strengthen the determination and courage in them.

If you are free, just get a wacky idea and think how to really do it! Only two advices I can give. First, think how you can break the rules! Second, imagine what type of positive benefits it will return.

Btw, co-incidentally I bought a book on last Friday (2nd May 2008). There was a great event that lead me to buy the book. Since, it was quite cheap compared to other management books, somewhere around RM 20. The title is Weird Ideas that Work. Some of the ideas a really crazy but again never say it's impossible. Even if you say so, it might be impossible for you but not necessarily impossible for others. ;-)

So the next time your friend (or Ihsan) says something different PLEASE don't say "No cannot! That's Impossible!". ^_^

Have a nice day checking-out the new world of innovations!

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Robert Foo said...

Hi Ihsan...

I am glad you still have time to blog, read, study and do business. I am sure the future will be bright for you. Keep do them...

Mohamed Ihsan said...

Hi Mr. Foo.

Thanks for the wonderful motivation. Actually sometimes, I blog to release stress.

Keep doing them... :D

Anonymous said...

Finally i found it~

u got a lot of freeee time for blogging.......im sure ur future will be bright as a web developer, KEEP DO IT~~~~


b0dY said...

hey ehsan how u doin?

Anonymous said...

i miss you ithane....

sharifah,ur sister