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Monday, May 15, 2006

7th Malaysian Open Schools Karate Championship

Oooh man, after so long, once again the SJIKC team went for another competition. Since I wasn't prepared for it, I didn't want to join. However, I was choosen to be one of the Team manager for the participants from Honbu and St. John dojo.

I really gain lots of experience from this duty. First of all, I managed to improve my communication skills, I have to meet strangers and argue with them in order to make sure that my friends get the right resources such as the chance to be in the ring, lunch and some freebies like t-shirts.

Other than that, I also managed to improve my teamwork skills, for example, we have to delegate the work among our selves, therefore some of the people that I worked together were, Sensei Wan, Sensei Admond, Suharin and Inderan.

This was also another oppoturnity for me get closer with Puchong students such as Inderan and his juniors.

However, I made some mistakes in carrying out my duty and I hope that I can improve further.

Thanks for Shihan George, Sensei Wan, Sensei Admond and my fellow friends for helping me to carry out my duty.

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