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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lost & Found: Pen Drive

I say man..... Such a bad experience with a very happy ending. I was sitting in the Computer Lab 3 (Previously Lab1), my position was between Wen Tau (Right) and Wei Kit (Left). I wanted to go to the EPSON Lab. Accidentally, I couldn't find it, so I was searching for it from Epson Lab until Lab3. But failed to find it.

Then, I thought may be Wei Kit and Wen Tau took it for fun. But finally I found it under the chair. The lanyard stuck to the chair's wheels therefore I couldn't find it earlier.

However, I feel that there is a moral behind the story. The following are some of it:

  • Big problems might have simple solutions
  • Always backup your pendrive, if possible encrypt the data using with passwords to avoid data from being stolen.
  • Never blame others, always blame yourself. We are humans, we do mistakes.
  • Eventough we can never be perfect, we must try our best to be.

May be this posting sounds funny and dumb. But, just try to think in a different perpective. Things do happen....

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